We’re back! As the key developers of 10-K Wizard, the acknowledged “gold standard” in SEC research tools, and with over 47 years of combined experience, we’ve developed a revolutionary company research tool by melding the innovations in:

  • Speed and scalability of cloud computing and storage

  • Predictive power of artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Accuracy in advanced pattern recognition and full boolean search engine.

  • Data visualization technology.

These elements together deliver a fast, easy to use 360° view of company or topic research.

The idiom, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” conveys the essence of Kaleidoscope. We delivers comprehensive results through full color, compelling, and interactive images.  And each person’s informational needs are different. Through Kaleidoscope’s prism researchers slice through the roiling sea of business and industry news, stock data, social media, blogs and authoritative international financial filings to focus on what matters.


In today’s hyper-competitive markets, the speed of acquiring relevant information is crucial to success. Our vision and mission is simple . . . to be the best solution for global company research.

How?  By accelerating:

•   Discovery of essential documents and charts  

•   Communication of findings with unique customized, auto-updating reports

•   Access to reliable global company data.

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